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Betting on Sports

Posted by Erica Craig on
Betting on Sports

I have always wondered how many people actually make a living or even profit any way at all betting on sports. I know the statistics are almost everything with odds and points and etc but how many people actually make a living off betting. I know there are plenty of “experts” out there that will tell you what you want to hear, that will profit for you no matter what, but it’s hard to see the truth clearly without actually providing proof.

So I set out to find some sports betting systems that I could actually use and actually learn something. Well, I was mostly looking for basketball systems, since I love basketball. And of course, because I live in California, near Los Angeles, so I had plenty of easy access to places to bet. But other than that, I pretty much had to search around. It would not do to my image or reputation to say that I was an expert or whatever because I had lost a few bets. But I mostly won, not all of them, and they were all winners. And that got me interested in “sports investing,” which is the act of betting on sports for profit.

There are plenty of people who make bets based on their gut instinct, or just by favoritism. I actually thought I had a handle on most of them, but not really. So I started to gather a group of us around the bars, or quiet areas, and asked for a little extra help. That’s when the professor said, “You guys want to do this too?” Of course we did.

So we sat around each other and discussed our fears, in addition to where we did win, and which teams we did not bet on. That’s when the professor said he wanted to teach us four things. He said there were four “secret” bets that he and his students made and that we could not reveal them all, but if we each bet on one of them, we would each win $1,000. That’s when the bets were too, and they became known as the Martingale, D’Alembert, Fibonacci, and Shaker systems. (He also said if anyone had a problem with a particular system, they had to ask someone in the sales department.)

The first thing the pokerace99 secret of success was, not that systems worked, but that people should never bet on more than 25% of the games being played. If you bet on too many games, says the expert, you will never show a profit. Well, not never, but certainly not on the majority of games.

Another key to their success was in the way they bet. They only bet on the games that have the best odds, even if they like the way the teams are playing. Indeed, they are very picky and only bet on the underdog if the odds are high. Once they bet, they do not let their emotions affect their betting. That is the only way to win, says the expert, picking the underdog. And yet another key to their betting success is the way they bet the winning games, particularly the underdog. They only bet on the underdog if the odds are high enough.

It is this that makes betting on sports so interesting, the fact that anyone can win. Of course, it helps to know how others are betting, especially in betting on the losing favorite. The better odds that one can get, the more one can win by betting on the underdog.

The experts suggested that we do not always bet on the favorite. Often we can get a better price by betting on the atypical picks. To develop this skill, we will have to invest in a little bit of historical data, such as the ones that the experts told us to avoid. These are the atypical picks that beat the experts every time, generation after generation.

One of the reasons we do not go to Las Vegas or Atlantic City is that we already know this. We already know that when the cards are dealt, the books always have a better edge than they will let on. Therefore, going to a casino is not the answer. However, we can still find one of the greatest things about Las Vegas or Atlantic City–the betting opportunities. If you want to find a good sportsbook to place your bets, call Sheet Metalier right now and get the information you need.

Brighter hopes for the future. We will all still go back to work, but we will do so in a slightly different environment. When the economy is looking a little shaky, we will call one of the experts we know and ask for a little extra help.