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NFL Week 7 Point Spread Picks First Look

Posted by Erica Craig on
NFL Week 7 Point Spread Picks First Look

Well NFL Week 7 is fast approaching and after our 8 week run of 8 winets and ATS with our subscribers we have some thoughts we wanted to share. Pay attention Washington Redskins. Our thoughts are that the Redskins will be able to keep their favorable schedule and are the best team in the division to crush the other team. THE PODS would be the first to sound the trumpets and the first to wave the banners. bead on the Eagles who are staying put for now and will not be practicing. THE PODS would be the first to sound the trumpets and the first to wave the banners. Take the Empire State Daily News on their five rivers of competition over the Celtics and the Suns. Take the Sacramento motel on the red carpet of division kings. Take that Florida court in the Magic Kingdom. Now turn the key and go to the dark side. THE PODS are everyone’s NBA best and the best of the rest is pretty hips. THE PODS are the best of the rest and the only watch out for the Warriors. THE PODS are the favorite and by the best of the rest we mean THE BEST BET.

NBA divisional games are best bets moneymakers if played correctly and with the right information under your belt. All teams will have games they are look forward to but the revealing question is, are these teams for real AA. THE answer is, NO they are not for real AA. Divisional games are award winning chances to cash games. They can be profitable and most people do not understand this. These are the type of games that the online sports book makes to separate you from your hard earned dollars. When you lose most of the time you do not want to invest more dollars losing than you will win. The end result is you are left with nothing and you would be out a lot of money.

Divisional opponents can cause a lot of problems for the team getting points so look closely on the points spreads for the day. Many people will try to get this type of advantage and they usually fail and the lines get bigger. The other team does not want you to know they have a dangerous star player and if you know your opponent is vulnerable, you can take advantage of that. Looking at the schedule can be a good tool. Many teams must travel far from home and as a result have to play with less than their best because of a rough travel disadvantage. The home team usually suffers the most games at home in the playoffs and with less than 10 games on the home slate, many games can be decided by a field goal or lay-up.

The final piece of information is the game against the home team. Many people believe the best way to give a team a confidence boost when they get into the playoffs is to play them in their home opener. Home field advantage is not one of the things considered with the outcome of the game. Some insiders that usually have sound advice online have said that the best way to predict the outcome of the World Series is to bet before it is on Panen138. This is a time when the expert teams are wrong because they don’t know what is going on. THE PODS know what is going on and what their friends are saying. Online betting has allowed fans from all over the world to bet on their favorite team in their home books, thus giving them a wealth of information that will help them make the pick. THE PODS bettors are sent the lines, odds, trends, injuries and other critical information before they bet the second round of the playoffs so they know at least 18-19 of the first 40 games. In the second round, about half the games are decided on a field goal, while others are decided by one or two free throws.