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How To Studiously Pick Winning Lottery Numbers Without Going Insane

Posted by Erica Craig on
How To Studiously Pick Winning Lottery Numbers Without Going Insane

Is picking winning lottery numbers just simply the mission? For many, the answer would be ‘Yes’ whilst for others, ‘No’ and ‘others’ would be the answer. Which side would you fall on? Well, the goal of this article would be to detail a method for the mass majority of the population to win lotto prizes without going insane or using out of the pocket.

So how can you easily pick winning lottery numbers that win? The answer is as simple as… buy more tickets. That’s probably the longest piece of advice I can give you when it comes to winning the lotto and this system is tried and proven.

Let’s take an example… The tickets you purchase allows you to pick your own numbers, these being the only numbers provided to you by the lottery. But because of the way the numbers are selected, there are 49 numbers which match your chosen set of numbers. If you buy 1 ticket, you have a 1 in 49 chance of winning the lotto. However, if you place several tickets, your odds are increased significantly. This means you can enhance your odds of winning a prize.

The Dewatogel when it comes to winning the lotto is to purchase more tickets. Buying more tickets does not necessarily guarantee you winning the prize. If you only buy 1 ticket, you may still win it. One ticket, one golden Jonah if you will, guaranteed.

So how can you increase your odds of winning the lottery? The answer is as simple as using computers. There are systems available that can select the winning numbers for you. They do this by checking which numbers may be drawn by looking at past lotto draws and patterns. When picking your lotto numbers, they also check the stats of the previous winning draws. This way they ensure they have the best odds and high chances of winning.

When picking your lotto numbers, it’s best to spread your numbers. Pick 3 and 4 numbers are most likely to win than others. 5-6 numbers are very rare to win the lotto. 7-9 numbers have been very successful and in fact, it can be seen as a sign of the beginning of a new trend. Ten numbers are very rarely drawn. So when you are picking your numbers, make sure they represent a number within the range of 10.

Also, when looking for the winning number combinations, it’s vital to have both odd and even numbers in the set. Having a mix of odd and even numbers ensures that in the event that number combinations drawn are all odd or all even, the winning numbers will have a 50/50 odd and even chance of being drawn. For instance, if you have all odd or all even numbers in your set of numbers, the lotto’s drawn in your chosen range will be approximately 50% odd and 50% even.

The Bottom line is that when you’re playing the lotto, it is best to have both Even and Odd numbers as well as mixed and non-related numbers. An all odd or all even numbers set of numbers is the best. After all when you’re depending on luck, the last thing you would want is to blind yourself down to an all odd or all even numbers situation. Don’t get too caught up on the combinations that have been drawn because the next ones can come even, strange or otherwise.