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Top Gambling Injuries

Posted by Erica Craig on
Top Gambling Injuries

With the rise in popularity of poker, so have we seen an increase in the number of people who are injured by gambling. There are many forms of gambling and the most serious forms of gambling. There are countless injured people who, although could recover, always will end up worse than they were before they started their injuries.

The latest injury comes as no surprise to us at all. There is an offshoot of gambling and it is sports betting. Recently, a 39-year-old man fromayetteville, NC, placed a $5000 football bet, along with four other people, and wound up betting more than $6000. He originally was supposed to stop after the original $6000. That stop ended up being well into the thousands.

Most of us are aware of the dangers of placing bets without researching. The acknowledged truth is that, there is money to be made for those who are willing to look at an injury and say, “This gives me a lot of money!”

The Egp88 gambling injuries have consequences that will always follow them, no matter how fast they heal. The brain injuries from concussions and paced heart beatias, for example, will scarface a player for life. The risks are obvious, but so are the rewards.

The gambling plan that would not have resulted in this outcome would have been to stand when the Cortisol levels in the brain were elevated due to a stressful game. The signs were definitely there. The game was definitely at a critical point in the season. With all the signs seen, if a person had played safely, they would have survived.

But they can’t. The systematic abuse of banned and controlled gambling is a disaster. Abstinence from alcohol and drugs is the best defense against the long-term Uses of gambling injuries.

We have so many warning signs. We hear them all the time. If by chance, you avoid all the dangerous things, you will suffer no ill effects. However, if you do not avoid at least three or four things, you may expect to lose money, some of it to Taxes. That was the conclusion reached by a Governmental panel investigating the problem of gambling injuries in the United States.

This Government panel included doctors, legislators, and experts. They came to the conclusion that more than 75 percent of injuries attributed to gambling are the result of psychologies related to the losses suffered from previous bets. This finding makes sense, if you think about it.

The majority of injuries resulting from gambling are the physical and mental effects of the after effects of the successive losses. When people move the betting burden to itself, that’s when problems arise. It sounds a bit mean, but if you think about it, 75 percent of the injuries involves physical things and mental ones as well.

With all this said, if you still want to do gambling, there’s still a chance for you to reduce your chances of financial risk out of the equation.

Avoiding Playing While Under Stress

There are plenty of ways to prevent stress from entering the picture. Simple Ways to do so, stress-downs or meditation techniques, sleep re-iacs, and oyster pitcher pitchers are numerous. I’m not going to attempt to get into that stuff since those things are well known. However, I will say that stress-downs, meditating, and flossing may be good exercise for the mind.

Focusing on the Gus Hansen Winning Tournament

I did an article a while back that discussing “The Gus Hansen Winning Tournament”. It focused on the mental aspects of the tournament and plenty of players pushing themselves to the limit. Well, I think that Gus Hansen was definitely pushing himself when he played all those heads up Sit ‘n Go’s. You know, the ones that never have a chance of folding. I think he was definitely tired after those.

Anyway, I bashed on the idea that you could look at a flop, and Hansen would be, like, ” OH MY god it’s the flop, I have the best hand, I can’t lose, I’m not letting anyone steal me out. Oh god save me, save me!!!” and it would be the inevitable downfall of his game. I didn’t agree with the premise but I could certainly understand why he might be saying those things. Fret not, though, because I do have some insight to make a few observations about that hand.

There was a lot of thing on the part of Gus Hansen that night. Was it that he was playing tight because he was on a big tilt? That seems unlikely because those are the types of players who are more prone to tilting if they lose a big pot. Did he get bad beat at the wrong time? That’s possible but unlikely because those types of players – especially those who haven’t played that many hands – are more prone to going on tilt. Did he misplay?


Mildly Difficult – Which Card Should You Play?

Posted by Erica Craig on
Mildly Difficult – Which Card Should You Play?

Many players ask, “Which mildly difficult card should I play?” That’s a tough question. It’s not only asking the wrong question, but also, as the Q family would say, it’s misplacing the answer.

If you’re misplaying Kings, then by all means, lay them down. If you’re misplaying Queens, lay them down. It really doesn’t matter which ones you ruin. Both types of cards have the same value, and even if the flush hits one of them doesn’t mean the rest of the deck is going to help you or your opponent.

Low pairs are an easy way to lose chips. 22, 18, 17, anywhere from 12 to 16, you can muck these cards, and your weak hand is gone, exposed, and your opponent goes to the flop with aces.lay them down. Even if you hit the ace, you still have your original liability, and it hasn’t made it that difficult for your opponents to do jack tricks on you, especially if you have been playing a lot of hands where you aren’t allowed to do so.

Aces in the right position are an easy way to win big pots. You’re allowed to go to the flop with only one other player, if everyone else has folded, in which case you can discard the cards you wouldn’t want to touch. Then you can pick up the cards in the center of the table and the small and big blinds as well as the occasional late position raiser. Having all of these cards in your hand with the possibility of various cards on the board later in the hand is a hand worth holding onto.

However, you can win big pots only if you have the best hand at the moment. So, while you’re allowed to keep your pots nice and small by folding poor hands, you’re not allowed to do so without a very strong hand. The way to do this is to continuously bet. If you’re going to fold a hand, you should bet no more than one quarter of the pot on its value. This will protect you in case you’re called by a stronger hand.

Another danger of playing too many hands is the likelihood of your making subtle mistakes later on, once you’re involved in a hand for more than a few but not many others. This is what happens when you call a flop bet too often early in a hand. You’ll never have a strong hand if you never go to the flop, and you’ll always have a weak hand if you always draw to the flop. By keeping the pots small, you’ll be able to keep your opponents in the hand if you manage to chain a decent hand together with some crazy-looking calls. When you do get a very strong hand, you should keep most of the other players in the hand because they can catch hot cards if they’re lucky enough to be in the hand long enough.

There’s no doubt that you can win by playing tight and aggressive in the beginning, but you’ve got to set yourself up over a period of time. You’re not going to win every pot, so take your small gains and don’t get out of the mega88 too early. Sometimes a well-played tight game can end up with you losing a big pot, so see which playing method suits you best: tight, aggressive, full-table, or heads-up. That will allow you to win more frequently and have more personalized experiences than other players who just sit in a game.